Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hidden Treasures

I have never been one to go crazy over Easter eggs. I did not grow up looking for them and the connection between bunnies, eggs, chocolate (although I do love chocolate) and the empty tomb has been lost on me. This week I found a new appreciation for Easter eggs. I love reading and studying the Bible and finding truth that is new to me, buried there in God's Word. Hidden treasures tucked away on a page of His Word that I have read many times, but suddenly the truth jumps out at me as if it was just put there at that moment! Why does He hide it? So that only those who are really looking for it will see it. Just like Easter eggs, He hides truth for us, not from us. That is our loving Heavenly Father looking for the joy of discovery to cross our faces when we find what He has put there for us. "It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; to search out a matter is the glory of kings." (Prov 25:2) What is your mind preoccupied with today? Where are you looking for secret treasures and those special moments? God has nuggets of truth tucked away eggsactly where you will find them when you seek for them with all your heart. And when you look for them, you will find Him there. So go hunting in His Word today and discover the treasures He has hidden there for you and hide His Word in your heart so you won't sin against Him. (Ps 119:11) A good place to start is in Psalm 1
Thank you Father, for the treasures you have put in your Word. Increase my desire to seek them and find them and apply them to my life. Teach me your ways and i will walk in them. Thank you that your promises are not empty but that the tomb is! Release your resurrection power in me that I may walk in newness of life. All because of Jesus, Amen.


  1. I just had to be the first to post a comment and say what a wonderful job you did on this. All of it, setting up the blog and the great first devotional.
    I Love you!
    The guy with the white hair!

  2. And I'm the second person to comment! heehee LOVE the way you put that about the eggs and how He hides treasure--FOR us, not from us. And what a great verse to be reminded of in searching out what is concealed. Thanks! and LOVE YOU! -Keli

  3. Martha - what a great writing. Thank you for sharing your gift of discernment by recording it in a blog for the rest of us to read. I hope you and the guy with the white hair have a blessed Easter!