Saturday, May 17, 2008

Perspective Changes Everything!

This "trading faces" illusion dates back to the late 1800s.What do you see when you look at this picture? Do you see a young woman or an old woman? Notice how the young woman’s chin is the old woman’s nose. The young woman’s necklace is the old woman’s mouth, and the young woman’s ear is the old woman’s eye.

People say that perspective makes all the difference in the world, but does it? How you see and think about people, circumstances, and the world around you does not change a thing in the world, it changes you. It changes how you see your world and that can make a world of difference. Is your glass half empty or half full? Are you facing mountains or molehills, incredible challenges or opportunities for growth?

An elderly man lay in the hospital with his wife of 55 years sitting at his bedside.
“Is that you Ethel, at my side again?” he whispered.
“Yes dear,” she answered, "I'm here."
He leaned toward her and whispered, “Remember years ago when I was in the Veteran’s hospital? You were there with me then. You were with me when we lost everything in the fire. And Ethel, when the company collapsed you were there with me too.”
The man leaned back on his pillow with a sigh and said, “I tell you, Ethel, I think you are bad luck.” His perspective did not change the facts, only how he viewed them.

How you handle life's challenges depends on how you see them or what you believe about them. Perspective shapes your thoughts, fuels your emotions and is the driving force behind your actions. If you want to change your world, change your actions. If you want to change your actions, change your thoughts. If you want to change your thoughts, change your perspective. If you want to change your perspective, look at your situation through Jesus’ eyes.

Hagar, a woman tormented by circumstances, some of her own doing and some not, thought there were no options left for her and ran away. Then she heard from the Lord and He shed His light on her situation, the facts did not change until her perspective changed and her perspective changed when she believed the words the Lord was telling her. She responded in awe, “You are the God who sees me.” She chose to see her situation from His perspective when she realized He saw every detail of her life. You can read her complete story in Genesis 16.

You may have believed the liar and his lies about you for years. Someone long ago or maybe yesterday, told you in words or actions, that you were not good enough, not worth it, not lovely or loved, not this or that and you believed it. That perspective has shaped your life, what you think and do. Jesus calls Himself, “The Truth,” and He reveals the lies and brings the light of His truth to those places in your life that may have been filled with darkness and life more abundantly. The way to get rid of a lie is to reject it; the way to embrace the truth is to believe it. What you believe dictates the perspective you have on life.

Thank you, Father, that You see us. I ask You to send the light of your truth to each one that reads these words today. Open our eyes to see the lies we have believed and lead us to reject those lies and embrace Your truth and Your perspective. Teach us to live in that truth today. Help us to see our lives through Your eyes. We bless You in the name of Jesus, Amen