Friday, August 28, 2009

I'm back!

Well, for you faithful few who have been checking and checking this page ~ I am finally back. I promised to write and after a year of traveling, studying, moving and putting off the blog, I'm back. We over-did the traveling, moving, and living on the run, until we paid for it. We are now settled into a home for our things, our bags, our dog and our hearts. It feels good. Since my last blog I went back to seminary and completed my Master's of Arts in Christian Education, traveled to Honduras twice, spent a month in the Cayman Islands, and finally landed in Texas where we have been for 8 weeks. I have not forgotten my promise and God has not let me forget His desire for me to write. It may be that I write for those who read my blog and it may be that I write for myself, or maybe ~ maybe, I'll write for HIM and you and I can just listen it.