Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas – it’s all about the presents!

I remember a visitor to our community who would never miss a service at our church no matter what day of the week it was. It was not that the program or the speaker was so awesome, he just wanted to make sure that if God showed up he didn’t miss Him. The hope and anticipation of God’s presence is compelling. The shepherds left work early when they got the singing telegram that “God showed up!” It reminds me of all the Christmas choir presentations and cantatas I have been a part of. Each orchestrated presentation a wonderful expression of the events of the first Christmas. Just like the angelic choir the present day presentations bring good news, but those melodic crescendoing announcements are just that, announcements. When the shepherds heard their Christmas cantata they left what they were doing saying, “if God showed up we don’t want to miss Him!” My point is, those moments that bring Christmas thoughts to our minds, those warm memories, warm clothes, wonderful celebrations are just precursors to His presence. It’s not Christmas until you get to HIS PRESENCE. Emmanuel, God is in the house!