Monday, April 5, 2010

Resurrection not a surprise

It is a strange phenomenon how expected events surprise us. That as the New Year turns into Easter, Easter turns into summer, on the heels of thanksgiving it is Christmas again, and another birthday has been added to the revolving years of life. No matter how quickly time seems to move there are still 24 hours in a day and 365 days in the year. So why are we surprised by the speed at which life seems to be whirring past us? Why are we surprised by expected events? Death surprises us even when we know it is coming. Somehow we are caught off guard at that final moment even when it has been happening since Adam and Eve. Jesus was 33 when He died and it didn’t surprise Him. We are surprised when the death comes and we’re even more surprised when death is replaced with life! Who would not be surprised to see a dead friend sit up and start talking?

Look inside the tomb with me, talk about surprise! Everyone is running around in surprise. The women ran to the tomb, then ran back to tell the disciples what they saw. John ran to the tomb. Peter ran past him into the tomb and saw that the linen cloth that had covered Jesus head was folded and lying to the side by itself. In all the running around this folded cloth seems like a strange detail to point out. This piece of folded cloth reveals that the resurrection was orderly, not hurried, and not a surprise to Jesus. He was not in a rush when he got up off that slab and walked out of the tomb. If he could handle the false accusations, the sin of the world, death and resurrection without surprise, He can handle anything in your life that you are hiding or dealing with on your own. Give it to Him, He won’t be surprised you’ll probably be surprised by His reaction.

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