Sunday, April 17, 2011

Yesterday's coffee

Well for those of you who faithfully check this page for a fresh word, what can I say? Thank you? I'm sorry? I'll do better? It has been too long since I put my thoughts together for you. So, I am back. I am sure you faithful ones have gotten quite tired of yesterday’s words. I may not spend much time proofing or editing so please enjoy what you can and spit out the pits.
My husband could not stand the taste of coffee for the first 18 years of our marriage, while I would go the proverbial extra mile to get the perfect cup of coffee. The thought of heating up yesterday's left over coffee in the microwave nearly made me gage. Some of that has changed as Paul now drinks coffee every morning but we have been spoiled with a fresh ground cup of fresh brewed coffee every morning and we think it is the perfect way to start the day, sipping in the mellow mood of mornings, kick-starting the thoughts that will take us through the day.
The other day I was having my perfect cup when a still small voice reminded me, that as much as I like my coffee fresh, I am often content with yesterday's Word. I would never be content with yesterday's coffee, yet I often let my feet hit the floor and point myself into the day with yesterday's Word of God vaguely resting on my memory. Why is that habit of starting fresh with Him every morning so easy to side step, like yesterday's clothes on the floor? A day started well always goes better no matter how tangled it may become. Good Morning coffee! Let's go sit at His feet for a while and listen to His fresh spoken Words for today.