Sunday, January 8, 2012

Call Me

The other day a friend’s post on facebook read, “Click ‘Like’ if you wish heaven had a phone.” I responded with, “It does, ‘Call me and I will answer you.’ Jer 33:3” God is not distant and angry, He is the complete expression of love. Strange how we expect God to speak to us but our prayers are so filled with talking He’d have to interrupt to get a word in, or a Word in. He is God though and He will find a way to get His message through. Walking to church this morning I was feeling in adequate and disconnected from the Father’s heart. So I prayed as I walked, “Lord, make my heart like yours. Keep me in step with Your Spirit and remind me whose I am. Show me how to walk in the identity I have in You.” I got to church (early) and checked my phone. There was my daily email from for Jan 8th, or my personal response from the Father. “I sent the Spirit of my Son into your heart so you could call Me Father.” Gal 4:6 God is listening and responding to our prayers, call heaven if you want real answers.